64% turnout in fourth phase in 2019 Lok Sabha election,

NEW DELHI: 64 per cent voter turnout was recorded in the fourth phase of 2019 Lok Sabha election after several hours of polling in 72 seats across nine states which was marred by incidents of violence and malfunctioning of EVMs in West Bengal and Odisha respectively.

In the Hindi heartland states, where the BJP had won 30 out of 32 seats in 2014, 67.73 per cent turnout was recorded in Rajasthan (13 seats), 58.56 per cent in Uttar Pradesh (13 seats) and 67.09 per cent in Madhya Pradesh (6 seats), according to the Election Commission.

About 12.79 crore people were eligible for voting in the fourth phase. With the completion of the fourth phase of the election, polling has been completed in 374 seats out of 543.

Lok Sabha election 4th phase

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