Editor Message

Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi started the Make In India Scheme on 15th August 2014 from the ramparts of the Red Fort. When we heard this name, we felt that this is not the only name. It is the movement to change India.
 We thought that it should move forward like a movement. When i discussed to our friends who is in Media  they are encouraged me and suggest to start, and now we are with you
 The responsibility of pursuing any scheme is not only of the government as well as general public too, we have created a family named News Make in India.
We received great support from the people of India as the Hindi magazine after the valuable support we  tried  expand it and now its circulation is in maximum states of India. Now our magazine is a nation magazine.
Another Sucess Step of this movement is we are going to launched its English Magazine & website with the same Name “News Make in India”.
We believe that people will support
Ashok Goyal
News Make In India Family